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OOT App Support for iOS 5 & 6

oot has the following modest (for an app released in 2013) requirements:
iPod Touch (3rd. Gen.) or newer
iPhone 3GS or newer
iPad (any)

iOS 5 or 6

Limitations current limitations of iOS:

Both iOS 6 and 5:


*1:-The Sharing / "Open In…" menus in Apple branded apps on your iDevice do not allow non-Apple branded products to show up. This applies to all developers, the world over.


Check it out in the App Store for the current promo price of 99 cents:

oot combines the power of images with the ease of texting in a simple interface where words transform instantly into pictures. Unlike emoji, oot offers instant creation of your own image bits. oot is object-oriented texting. There is no proprietary account to keep track of, for your convenience and privacy.

Turn a picture on your iOS device into a word, phrase, or idea

-Import from your photos apps, or any app that allows copying to the clipboard

Store Security

It all starts with an SSL Certificate so that information you send to us is encrypted, and if found, cannot be decoded:
(Rapid SSL does not provide us with a clickable 'Seal' so you can go to or and type in '' (so you know you're checking it and we didn't set up a generated page))

Our Rapid SSL cert. happens to be 2048-bit. That's a LOT of bits...
RapidSSL Seal

NoDice Change Log


NoDice 1.0.3
- added drop function.
- misc. minor updates to documentation.

NoDice 1.0.2
- improved stability.
- improved help documentation.
- bug fixes.

NoDice 1.0.1
- added running calculation mode.
- improved print layout.
- improved crash recovery.

NoDice 1.0.0
- first public release.

NoDice Support

This is the NoDice Support Page:
The Mac OS X calculator app that displays comparisons of dice outcomes, is a valuable accounting tool, and sophisticated mathematics program.
To download the current version of NoDice: click that-->

If you want to report a bug, send us your thoughts on NoDice, or have a feature / documentation request:
please click here to go to the NoDice Bug Report & Support Form.

Terms of Service (ToS)

Terms of Service

1) Don't mess about, at penalty of banishment.
2) If someone drops nasty language in their comment: don't yell at us by typing in all caps.
3) We're always at our best when it comes to moderating, so please, understand if we miss something.
4) If it is illegal for you to perform any activity on this website without the consent of the requisite number of legal Guardians, or due to other age, or religious restrictions, we strictly forbid such activity and are hereby relieved of any liability, especially since none was remotely implied by 1-3, 5-6, and the Privacy Policy.

electro-Store Help Page

1.q) Why can't I order from you-- do you hate my country?
1.a) No, we simply do not allow you to check out with us electronically because of the fairly high rate of spam-potential for credit card orders originating in your country. Please email us at sales[at]pnegames[dot]com with your complete order information and we'll get back to you once we've verified the authenticity of your order. Of course you can always call us, but we'll not be paying your phone bill.

2.q) I can't place an order! What should I do?


Go Ahead,
Make First Contact! We welcome your correspondence:


Prime Numeral Enterprises
1791 Solano Ave. #A16
Berkeley, CA 94707-2209


(510) 558-8363
(510) 558-8363


Use the form below to do it RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!

( For anything >>NoDice<< related go directly to the NoDice Support Page to see if that helps, or to the NoDice Bug Report & Support Form so we can better serve your needs. )

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