OOT App Support for iOS 5 & 6

oot has the following modest (for an app released in 2013) requirements:
iPod Touch (3rd. Gen.) or newer
iPhone 3GS or newer
iPad (any)

iOS 5 or 6

Limitations current limitations of iOS:

Both iOS 6 and 5:


*1:-The Sharing / "Open In…" menus in Apple branded apps on your iDevice do not allow non-Apple branded products to show up. This applies to all developers, the world over.


Check it out in the App Store for the current promo price of 99 cents:

oot combines the power of images with the ease of texting in a simple interface where words transform instantly into pictures. Unlike emoji, oot offers instant creation of your own image bits. oot is object-oriented texting. There is no proprietary account to keep track of, for your convenience and privacy.

Turn a picture on your iOS device into a word, phrase, or idea

-Import from your photos apps, or any app that allows copying to the clipboard

NoDice Change Log


NoDice 1.0.3
- added drop function.
- misc. minor updates to documentation.

NoDice 1.0.2
- improved stability.
- improved help documentation.
- bug fixes.

NoDice 1.0.1
- added running calculation mode.
- improved print layout.
- improved crash recovery.

NoDice 1.0.0
- first public release.

NoDice Support

This is the NoDice Support Page:
The Mac OS X calculator app that displays comparisons of dice outcomes, is a valuable accounting tool, and sophisticated mathematics program.
To download the current version of NoDice: click that-->

If you want to report a bug, send us your thoughts on NoDice, or have a feature / documentation request:
please click here to go to the NoDice Bug Report & Support Form.

NoDice Bug Report & Support Form

NoDice Volume License Request Form

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