Terms of Service (ToS)

Terms of Service

1) Don't mess about, at penalty of banishment.
2) If someone drops nasty language in their comment: don't yell at us by typing in all caps.
3) We're always at our best when it comes to moderating, so please, understand if we miss something.
4) If it is illegal for you to perform any activity on this website without the consent of the requisite number of legal Guardians, or due to other age, or religious restrictions, we strictly forbid such activity and are hereby relieved of any liability, especially since none was remotely implied by 1-3, 5-6, and the Privacy Policy.
5) We can update our website whenever we like. We don't have to tell anyone about it first either. So, you can check up on these ToS at any time by going to pnegames.com/tos, pnegames.com/ToS, http://pnegames.com/tos, http://pnegames.com/Tos, https://www.pnegames.com/Tos... anyway, you get the idea...
6) These ToS come with a 13 second warranty. After that warranty period has elapsed, file any complaints with a really good listener.
7) If you feel these Terms of Service are inadequate please contact us at site-support[at]pnegames[dot]com.
Thank You

This "agreement" previously known as "Terms of Service" shall be considered to include in whole the following "Privacy Policy"

Privacy Policy

Section 1:
i.a. We will never share your information with anyone.
i.b. Likely not even within our organization, as the job of one doesn't need to be busied with the duties of the other.

Section 2: Information Collection and Use
i. We collect only the information you submit, and possibly your IP address as well.
ii.a. We use this information only to bill you, or send you products you have ordered to be shipped to your address, or send you serial numbers, and other order related information, electronically. Or as outlined in the next three items.
ii.b. You can opt to have us contact you via email for software feedback you submit to us via support forms (per form basis).
ii.c. If you contact us we will consider this an invitation for "dialogue" unless it would be obvious to any culturally literate person fluent in any of the cultures any of us are fluent in that you were merely commenting without any remote desire for a direct response.
ii.d. You cannot opt out of receiving emails about your account information, for example password reset requests.
ii.e. If you checked any of the boxes under "Preferences", then obviously you shall receive the appropriate emails.

Section 3: Misc.
i. We have many email addresses, so it's best just to 'white-list' the whole domain 'pnegames.com'.
ii. Have fun, it's an obligation; let us know about any obstacles.

End Privacy Policy