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oot combines the power of images with the ease of texting in a simple interface where words transform instantly into pictures. Unlike emoji, oot offers instant creation of your own image bits. oot is object-oriented texting. There is no proprietary account to keep track of, for your convenience and privacy.

Turn a picture on your iOS device into a word, phrase, or idea

-Import from your photos apps, or any app that allows copying to the clipboard
-Send via Apple’s built-in email or MMS
-Copy your messages to the clipboard and paste anywhere!
-Share with any app Registered with Apple’s “Open In...”
-Nearly 300 images to get you started. (many more on the way!)

oot is developed by a tiny company that relishes feedback. We want to hear from you about what you would like in our app. E-mail any feedback and especially feature or image requests to ootreq[at]pnegames.com.