electro-Store Help Page

1.q) Why can't I order from you-- do you hate my country?
1.a) No, we simply do not allow you to check out with us electronically because of the fairly high rate of spam-potential for credit card orders originating in your country. Please email us at sales[at]pnegames[dot]com with your complete order information and we'll get back to you once we've verified the authenticity of your order. Of course you can always call us, but we'll not be paying your phone bill.

2.q) I can't place an order! What should I do?
2.a) E-mail sales[at]pnegames[dot]com and they'll pass along your issue to our web-minions, and we'll get back to you a s a p .

3.q) Why don't you take Paypal?
3.a) Because Paypal has too many unethical business practices? Wait that's not it... because unless we get enough people that aren't willing to checkout without Paypal, we're not going to go through the trouble of integrating it into our electro-Store. However, if you are one of these individuals please send us an email at sales[at]pnegames[dot]com and we'll reconsider our choice in this matter.

4.q) Is this store secure? I don't know if I trust you guys...
4.a) Yes, we have an SSL certificate, we have a PCI-Scan certificate, and a Verified Merchant Seal, all from different companies... we just think they're ugly, and don't really want to advertise for those companies. While we use them to conduct our business, we don't feel we owe them any free advertising. If you're still not satisfied, go to our Store Security page.