OOT App Support for iOS 5 & 6

oot has the following modest (for an app released in 2013) requirements:
iPod Touch (3rd. Gen.) or newer
iPhone 3GS or newer
iPad (any)

iOS 5 or 6

Limitations current limitations of iOS:

Both iOS 6 and 5:


*1:-The Sharing / "Open In…" menus in Apple branded apps on your iDevice do not allow non-Apple branded products to show up. This applies to all developers, the world over.
+To get your image into oot so you can make a new bit with, "Copy" the image from your Apple app (Messages, Photos, etc.) by tap-holding (iOS 5 or 6) or going to the sharing menu (iOS 6 only), then open oot, create a new bit and the option to "Paste" your image in will appear if there's something on the Clipboard (the place wherein is stored your copied images/text on iOS).

Release Notes:
1.0.2 (date):
-Double-Tap to select Bit for definition/image replacement
-Triple-Tap to view tapped Bit's details
-Improved Create and Delete Bit buttons in Output
-Tutorial interface for each screen
-oot registered for the "Open In.." menu*1
-106 bits
-Origin/Creator tags for all bits
-A few bugs squashed
-Email export improved from Apple default
-Automatic scrolling to newest group/bit in Bit Library view

1.0.1 (February 8th, 2013):
-First update
-71 Bits
-Add currently viewed bit in library to open message in output button
-Convert currently selected bit to text button
-Random bit suggestion behavior changed

1.0 (February 1st, 2013):
-First Release
-30 Bits