NoDice Support

This is the NoDice Support Page:
The Mac OS X calculator app that displays comparisons of dice outcomes, is a valuable accounting tool, and sophisticated mathematics program.
To download the current version of NoDice: click that-->

If you want to report a bug, send us your thoughts on NoDice, or have a feature / documentation request:
please click here to go to the NoDice Bug Report & Support Form.

You can use NoDice™ in a very limited Demo Mode from the download above. We feel confident that you will find NoDice worth the small price to unlock all its features. Example images of the program in action can be found on the right side of the page at where you can also buy a license.

No Known Issues for v. 1.0.3: (see )
-at this time.

System Requirements:
Mac OS 10.5 or later, intel or PPC processor. (AMD not officially supported)
4GB Graphics Memory. (just kidding).

If you would like to buy NoDice, click here.
If you are a business that requires more than 10 seats then please:
make a request HERE.